Saturday, May 11, 2013

How to do the splits and the oversplits

What you will need :
A wide space

How to the splits
1) stretch your legs and your body but mainly your legs , do some lunges try to touch your toes...
2) get into the front split position ( one leg in front and one leg at the back ) your front leg should be the leg that you feel better with ,go down as far as you can with your hands on your side.
3) get up if you feel pain and stretch.
4) go back into your split position and continue trying .

1) wear stretchy and comfortable clothes
2) do not force yourself to go down because you might pull a muscles or injure yourself
3) Keep your leg always straight.

Good luck 

The oversplits
What you will need:
A wide space
Something to support your leg

How to do it

1) stretch yourself again mainly your legs .
2) go into your split position , if you don't know how to do the splits look at the instructions above
3) when your in your split position lift your front leg on top of the object that you use to support your leg .

Good Luck


  1. Thank you for the instructions. I will try this at home!