Saturday, May 25, 2013

How to make ballet legwarmers

What you will need:
1) a old  jumper
2) scissors

How to make it
1) Cut the sleeves of your jumper
2) Cut the heel area

And voila

Saturday, May 18, 2013

How to make a ballet clock

What you will need
1) a plain clock
2) paper
3) scissors

How to make it :
1) on a paper draw two ballerina legs and the body of the ballerina separately
2) cut it out
3) glue the leg too the handles
4) glue the body of the ballerina too the middle of the clock
And voila

Friday, May 17, 2013

How to make convertible tights

What you wil need :
1) tights
2) scissors
3) nail polish remover

How to make it
1) put on your tights
2) pinch the bottom of your tights
3) make a slit in it
4) put some nail remover on the edge of the slit so it does not curl back up .

And voila

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

How to make a ballerina music box

What you will need :

Wooden box
Sandpaper, variety of grit
Wood stain
Paint brushes
Clear spray sealer
Clear gloss spray varnish
Hot glue gun
Hot glue sticks
4 brass corner braces
5/8" Hasp catch
5/8" padlock with key
4 wooden beads
18 note key wind musical movement with magnetic swing arm
Drill and bit
T-bar winding keyBallerina figurine
Acrylic paint

How to make it:

  • 1.Sand the box until you have a smooth surface by using sandpaper. Work your way up in grit size with each subsequent pass.
  • 2.Stain the box in your favorite color and type of stain. Use a paintbrush to get even strokes and to reach places that many might not notice . Don't forget to stain the bottom of the box . Allow to completely dry. While it is , decide on the decorations you are going to place on it .

    • 3.Spray the entire box in sealer. This will seal the stain and provide a finish for your decorating ideas. After the sealer dries, spray a gloss finish coat of varnish. Let this completely dry before proceeding.

    • 4.Center the mirror on the top of the box and affix it with hot glue from the hot glue gun. This will be the stage where the ballerina dances.

    • 5.Affix the four corner braces on each of the four top corners of the box. Attach the hasp catch to the top of the box. This and the lock will allow you to lock the box.

    • 6.Turn the box over and hot glue the four wooden beads to the four corners of the bottom to be legs.

    • 7.Open the top drawer and position the musical movement in the center but along the front edge of the drawer. Place a small mark to designate the key location. Draw around the musical movement to indicate its location.

    • 8.Remove the musical movement and drill a 1/4-inch hole at the marked location. Attach the musical movement in its location with hot glue. Attach the key wind through the hole in the drawer. Wind the key to make sure it works.

    • 9.Attach the small magnet that came with the musical movement to the bottom of the ballerina. As the swing arm on the movement moves so will the ballerina.

    • 10.Paint the recipient's name on the box with the acrylic paint. Draw a few flowers in bright colors around the top of the box and on the sides.

    • 11.Allow the paint to dry completely and then mask off the mirror and hasp. Apply a light coat of sealer to the top of the box to seal the paint in place.

    • 12.Remove the masking paper and place the ballerina on the mirror over the magnet on the swing arm.
      And voila .

    Sunday, May 12, 2013

    How to make a sock bun

    What you will need
    2 hair bands
    Scrunchie or sock
    Bobby pins
    Hair net

    How to do it
    1) pul hair back into a ponytail
    2) slip scrunchie or the sock donut ( see instructions for the sock donut) trough the ponytail
    3) spread hair around scrunchie.
    4) tie a hair band around the hair
    5) wrap hair all around the scrunchie
    And voila

    Now for the  sock donut
    1) take a sock and cut the toe area
    2) roll sock from toe to top.
    And voila

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    Saturday, May 11, 2013

    How to do the splits and the oversplits

    What you will need :
    A wide space

    How to the splits
    1) stretch your legs and your body but mainly your legs , do some lunges try to touch your toes...
    2) get into the front split position ( one leg in front and one leg at the back ) your front leg should be the leg that you feel better with ,go down as far as you can with your hands on your side.
    3) get up if you feel pain and stretch.
    4) go back into your split position and continue trying .

    1) wear stretchy and comfortable clothes
    2) do not force yourself to go down because you might pull a muscles or injure yourself
    3) Keep your leg always straight.

    Good luck 

    The oversplits
    What you will need:
    A wide space
    Something to support your leg

    How to do it

    1) stretch yourself again mainly your legs .
    2) go into your split position , if you don't know how to do the splits look at the instructions above
    3) when your in your split position lift your front leg on top of the object that you use to support your leg .

    Good Luck

    How To Do The Straddle Splits

    What you will need :
    A wide space

    How to do a the splits

    1) stretch , mainly your legs
    2) sit down in a straddle position ( legs apart) and try to touch your toes or lean forward trying touch your body to the floor
    3) after a 15 minutes stretch , get up , go down in a straddle position
    4) if you fell pain in your legs get up and stretch a bit to loosen your muscles.
    5) go back into a straddle position and if you feel pain again repeat step four .
    6) keep trying the splits until you managed
    7) CONGRATULATION you can do the splits

    Sunday, May 5, 2013

    Swan lake By Tchaikovsky

    Romantic tutu


    Things you will need :


    Measuring tape
    Fine silk or nylon tulle
    Sewing machine

    Measure the waist and side length from waist to just below the knee.

    Cut a piece of wide ribbon to the length of the waist measurement, plus 1 1/2 inches. Attach two snaps on each end, the ribbon should fit snugly but not too tightly around the waist.

    Multiply the waist dimension by 3. This is the width of tulle you  need to gather to create sufficient fullness for this tutu

    Cut enough tulle for the length of the waist to below-the-knee measurement to create three full layers.
    Stitch each layer up the center back to within 6 inches of the top edge.

    Run a gathering or basting stitch through all three layers and gather them to fit the ribbon waist band. You can run another basting stitch through the gathered layers to stabilize them before you stitch them to the waistband.

    Top stitch the layers of tulle to the wrong side of the waist band, allowing for a small overlap at the center back closure.


    Black Swan Makeup

    Things you will need :
    Matte Foundation ( the paler it is the better it will look )
    Countouring,matte bronzer
    Black liquid eyeliner
    Cream eyeshadow in a metallic/ silver
    False lashes
    Dark burgundy lipstick

    1. Apply a matte foundation 
    2. Draw a wing shape with your liquid eyeliner
    3. Follow along the wing shape with a metallic cream shadow ( so it look like feathers )
    4. Rim your waterlines with eyeliner to amplify the bold effect
    5. Put on your lashes
    6. Contour cheekbones with a matte bronzer
    7. Cover lips with a dark burgundy lipstick
    And Voila