Saturday, April 27, 2013

How to dye your pointe shoes black

How To Dye Your Ballet Pointe Shoes:
Get your supplies together.
Start with dry, aired out new or used fairly clean ballet pointe shoes that have no ribbons or elastics attached.
Stuff the shoes with clean blank newsprint paper. The paper should be stuffed compactly & firmly into the toe box. The paper can be loosely stuffed in the upper area of the shoe.
Start by using the FabricMate marker to edge the area around the leather sole. It’s a good idea to use the marker around edges where you don’t want to oversaturate with paint. Use the marker to also dye the sole stitching.
Pour the Dye-na-Flow Fabric Paint into a container. (You can also use Setasilk Fabric Paint) Measure out the Versatex No–Heat Fixative according to directions for the correct amount. Mix well into the Dye-na-Flow paint. Paint must be used within 8 hours of mixing in the fixative.
At this point it’s a good idea to wear gloves even though the model forgot to put hers on. Using the 1” wide sponge applicator, brush on the fabric paint to dye the leather soles. Apply one coat to start.
Apply the paint to the body of the shoe on the outside areas. Apply one coat only.
Using a bristle paintbrush, dip into the fabric paint to paint into the pleated folds & edges of the shoe. Do not paint the upper drawstring binding area yet (where ribbons and elastic get attached later). Allow the whole shoe to dry by laying it upside down on some newsprint to protect surfaces. The shoes will dry in about 1 hour. Apply a second coat by repeating steps 6-8. Let dry again upside down.
After shoes are dry to the touch, take out all the paper stuffing. Using the FabricMate marker to edge color the shoe upper drawstring binding. You’ll need about 3 coats. Allow to dry between each coat. The marker will dry more quickly than the paint.
Don’t forget to paint the tops of the drawstrings as these will usually show a bit when your pointe shoes are on.
The finished ballet pointe shoes after drying in a dry warm place for a day or two (to cure). Attach black ribbons and black elastics.
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