Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Black Swan Costume

Thing you will need

1.black leotard 
2.black tutu or (make your own homemade tutu )
3.sheer,black tights
4.Black ballet flats or black pointe shoes 
5.Black Feathers
6.Ballerina tiara
7.Red contact lenses (optional)
9.Long black satin gloves 

How to make it 

1. Put on your tights and leotard. 
2.   buy a tutu or make a tutu
3. Put on your ballet slippers or your pointes
4. glue black feathers to your leotard, to your tutu and to your gloves
5. Make a ballet bun and put on your ballet tiara 
6. Apply makeup on 


P.S if you want a white swan costume just turn everything in black into white and put on a white swan makeup

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