Thursday, January 2, 2014

Classic Ballet Hair bow

I generally have three criteria when it comes to making craft items.  It's got to be quick, it's got to be simple and the finished item has to be used.  These ballet hair bows certainly fulfil those requirements and as an added bonus, they're really pretty too!  While I've glued my bow onto a hair comb, they're equally at home on a hair slide/barrette, or even sewn onto a hair band.


One length of Ribbon
One Pair of Scissors
One glue gun
One Hair comb (or slide/barrette)

-Cut 3 lengths of ribbon.  For the bow pictured I cut 1 x 4.5cm (1.7inches), 1 x 9cm (3.5 inches) and 1 x 17cm (6.7inches).  

If you are using larger hair combs, the proportions to use are:
One piece of ribbon should be cut just slightly longer than the length of the comb
One piece of ribbon should be just under double the length of the comb and 
One piece of ribbon should be cut to a length three times the width of the ribbon you are using.

-Snip the ends of the 9cm (middle length) ribbon in an inverted arrow shape.

-Using the 17cm (longest length) ribbon, fold  the ends to the centre of the ribbon, one at a time, and use the glue gun to glue the ends in place.  I usually make mine overlap.

-Glue the folded and glued ribbon (longest length) onto the centre of the arrow cut ribbon (middle length).

-Using the 4.5cm (smallest length) ribbon, fold around the other two ribbons and glue at the back.

-Glue onto hair comb and wear to class.

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